Functional training doesn’t have to be weird, boring, or expensive.

In fact, all of the functional workout and nutrition programs here in the Locker Room are quite the opposite.


They’re all…


Science-based, and follow the principles of exercise physiology and body composition to get you the best results. You won’t need to create your own plan and worry about missing important steps – we’ve done all the foundational work for you.


Exciting, and include plenty of new exercises for you to try, and old exercises for you to get better at. On the nutrition side, you’ll find articles and podcasts to teach you new things while reminding you of the basics.


Totally FREE for your first month, then only $19 per month if you continue on. By signing up, you’ll have access to the archives which contain every single program/ podcast/ article ever created here on the Locker Room site, as well as every single new program/ podcast/ article added each month. It’s all yours to try out for free!

Here’s what’s new this month:


[Devotional] Thriving

Have you ever heard someone say that it’s about thriving, not just surviving? We’ll explore more into what thriving really looks like, including the misconception that surviving is somehow the opposite and alternative to thriving. It turns out that there’s a much more dangerous path than just surviving.


[8 Week Workout Program] DIY Workouts: Flexible Programming For 2021

Ready to kick the year off on the right foot? Ready to get stronger and feel better? Here’s your 2021 game plan for your fitness goals!


[Mobility Video] 9 Minute Daily Mobility Follow Along

Feel good now and later when you try out this follow-along mobility video. It will take you less than 10 minutes to complete, and it works great as a dynamic warm-up before a workout, a cool-down after a workout, or even a low intensity way to get moving in between workout days!


[Guide] Macros 101

What are macros, anyway? What are *my* macros? If you’ve ever asked either of these questions, this full-length article is for you! We’re going to talk about what macros are, how they work, and what specific considerations you need to take to reach your own goals. This is perhaps the only macros guide you’ll ever need to read, and it will be right here for you each month. 


[Article] Meal Prep For Parents Part 4: One Meal, Many Obstacles

In Part 4 of this series, we’ll talk about how to navigate different nutrition goals and preferences between everyone at your table. 


7 Thoughts From Bein 7 Months Pregnant

Here’s the inside scoop of what’s going on in our little world outside of fitness!


[Podcast] How To Write Your Own Workout Program In 2021

This episode will go hand-in-hand with the new DIY Workout program this month! We’ll talk about a few big pointers as you head into the new year with your sights set on bigger and better goals!

*** This new podcast episode will be available to download and listen on Thursday, 1/7 ***