Workouts: “Holiday AMRAP: Make Fitness Easy During The Holidays”

You and I both know that we’re heading into the final and craziest weeks of the year. Oh, and it’s been a pretty crazy year already too.

Even as a fitness and nutrition coach, I’m certainly not immune to the same obstacles that you’re also headed into – 2 big ones in particular:

1. A super busy, jam-packed schedule with no breaks

2. Looooooooooots of social eating with huge portions of holiday comfort food

Remember, though, that these are just obstacles – they aren’t the enemy. 

Last-minute shopping and pumpkin pie aren’t the bad guys here, but they don’t exactly make reaching your fitness goals any easier.

In times like these, it truly helps to have some sort of framework in place (bonus points if it’s flexible!) to help you navigate through this season without completely losing sight of what you worked so hard for the rest of the year.

And this is exactly why I created a brand new November/December program called “Holiday AMRAP.”

I dedicate this one to all you busy parents who are trying to juggle enough as is, much less writing your own workout programs!

“Holiday AMRAP” will give you enough flexibility to cater each workout to however much time you have on any given day.

This is the nature of an AMRAP workout, which stands for “As Many Rounds As Possible.” Each workout involves setting a timer (for however much time you have that day), and completing as many rounds as possible of the given exercises. 

And that’s it. It’s that simple and that powerful.

You can still fit in a great workout no matter what your schedule looks like, and no matter how much turkey or cookies you eat! All that being said, this program is not free from effort or intensity – you’ll still need to apply yourself to each move, and to each rep. They won’t be easy, but you’ll feel great and proud after you complete each one.




PS: If you don’t have any equipment to use at home, you can get creative with the resistance you find, or you can check out the “No Equipment, No Problem, Round 2” program. You’ll find 20 full-body, no equipment workout challenges to carry you through the month!

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